Made in Islam

Regie: Siba Shakib – Documentary, 80 min, color, 2019

A cinematic journey behind the veil of prejudice. MADE IN ISLAM tells of the creative use of Islamic fashion as a means of demarcation, but also of rapprochement between Muslims and Western cultures.

Siba Shakib accompanies designers who adhere to the rules of religion and whose creations are nevertheless, or precisely because of this, worthy of being presented at international fashion shows. Whether niqab, hijab, shayla or al-amira … the veil as an example of Muslim clothing is always ambiguous: as an instrument of control, as a religious sign and at the same time as a fashion detail, an ornament whose beauty counts. Iranian-born director Siba Shakib introduces Islamic fashion – “Modest Fashion”. Behind the traditional head coverings, she explores the question of how it can be that women in the West are always supposed to be sexy and women in the Middle East are predominantly covered up.

It’s about beauty, about power, and about men. But most of all, it’s about Islamic women and the new fashion trend they are using to turn centuries-old traditions and laws on their heads. Modest fashion.

How is that supposed to fit together? Fashion and Islam? For me, it’s a contradiction.

What we have achieved now is that “Modest Fashion” is integrated into the entire fashion world: Dolce and Gabbana, Valentina, Zara …



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About the Film

Modest Fashion

Clothing was and is an explosive issue in many cultures and countries – especially in oriental countries and in Islamic culture. It is said that whoever controls women’s clothing also controls society. A man is only a man if he can protect the female members of his household from being assaulted, even looked at, by strange men. Their beauty, their charms are his property, no stranger is allowed to see them.

In contrast to this stereotype is the trend of so-called “Modest Fashion”, also called “Islamic Fashion”. The women who make and wear it adhere as much as possible to the norms and laws of their religion. At the same time, they play with designs, colors and shapes. A niche of its own has emerged on the fashion market. With this trend, self-confident, devout Muslim women are able to flaunt their own chic. A trend that generates more and more sales and is also served by large, renowned fashion houses.

Siba Shakib

Born and raised in Tehran, Siba Shakib attended the International German School. She studied in Germany and the USA. Today she lives in NY, Italy and Dubai.

She is, as she says herself: “always looking for a new home and at the same time always on the run from putting down roots somewhere other than Iran. Because then I would lose Iran as a home for good.”

Even though she has long since lost the feeling for the concept of home, Iran, the language and the culture, “whatever that is,” are just as much a part of her daily life as her commitment to democracy and freedom in Iran.



Siba Shakib


Mohammad Farokhmanesh & Armin Hofmann


brave new work GmbH, Hamburg

Production coordination

Katharina Hoppe

Production management

Mohammad Farokhmanesh


Anne Misselwitz


Corinna Zink


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