Seven winter in Tehran

Director: Steffi Niederzoll – Documentary, 97 min, color, Germany, France, 2023

Tehran, July 7, 2007: Reyhaneh Jabbari, 19, has a business meeting with a new customer. It’s a completely normal day, but one that will change her life forever. Because when the man tries to rape her, she stabs him in self-defense and flees. She was arrested the same day and charged with murder shortly afterwards. Despite much evidence pointing to self-defense, Reyhaneh has no chance in court because her rapist was a powerful and well-connected man who, even after his death, is protected by patriarchal society. Reyhaneh is sentenced to death. Her personal fight for justice begins.

Thanks to secretly recorded videos provided by Reyhaneh’s family, her testimonies, the letters Reyhaneh wrote in prison and other archives, the film traces the trial, imprisonment and fate of a young woman who became a symbol of resistance. Her fight for women’s rights reflects the fight of so many women, not just in Iran.


»A call to resistance against oppression« –

– ARD –


»An infinitely important film«

– Journey into Cinema –



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74th International Filmfestival Berlin 2023: Kompass-Perspektive Award for Best Film, section Perspektive Deutsches Kino

CPH:DOX: F:act Award

Biografilm Festival 2023: Best Film Award / International Competition

German Film Peace Award (Special Award), Filmfest Munich

Filmpreisträger für den besten Dokumentarfilm und Schnitt

About the movie

»How do you overcome the feeling of your own powerlessness and resist? We follow the story of a young woman who resists institutionalized male violence and find a sensitive portrait of a family that is torn apart in the fight against an unjust regime. Using a variety of documentary materials, the film creates a compelling narrative arc.

This film is painful and disturbing. At the same time, the encounter with the young protagonist Reyhaneh is inspiring and leaves us with a spark of hope.«

– Jury statement for the Kompass Perspective Prize for the Best Film – Berlin International Film Festival 2023 –



Reyhaneh Jabbari

Shole Pakravan

Fereydoon Jabbar

Shahrzad Jabbari

Sharare Jabbari

as the voice of Reyhaneh:

Zar Amir Ebrahimi (Cannes Filmfestival 2022, Best Actress)



Steffi Niederzoll


Melanie Andernach, Knut Losen


Laurent Lavolé, Milena Poylo, Gilles Sacuto, Eva Laass, Céline Loiseau, Sina Ataeian Dena


Nicole Kortlüke

Script Supervisor

Sina Ataeian Dena


Julia Daschner, bvk


Flemming Nordkrog

Theatrical Release

14.09.2023 (Germany)

Supported by

Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, BKM, FFA, Eurimages, Région Ile de France, in Zusammenarbeit mit CNC


Berlin Filmfestival 2023, Germany

CPH:DOX, Denmark

DOK.fest Munich, Germany

Hot Docs Festival, Canada

Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey

Movies That Matter, Netherlands

Biogra Filmfestival, Bologna, Italy

International Filmfestival an Forum on Human Rights Geneva,


Red Lotus Asian Film Festival Vienna, Austria

Jeonju International Filmfestival, South Korea

Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Poland

Human Rights Watch Film Festival, USA

Docudays UA International Documentary Human Rights Film

Festival, Ukraine

Singapore Film Society Showcase, Singapore

German Film Festival x KinoFest, Singapore


Berlinale, Kompass Perspektive Award 2023 - Best Film
Berlinale, Peace Film Award


Movies That Matter Festival, Activist Documentary Award

Biogra Filmfestival, Best Film Unipol Award

Dokufest International Documentary and Short Film Festival,

Kosovo, Special Mention


Berlinale Documentary Award

Docudays UA International Documentary Human Rights Film


Guanajuato International Film Festival, Festival Prize

Dokufest International Documentary and Short Film Festival,

Kosovo, Truth Award



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